The Vegan Winterfest in partnership with Viva!

The 2016 Leeds Vegan WinterFest is a Christmas Market which will take place in Leeds Town Hall right in the heart of Leeds City Centre on Sunday 27th November 2016 from 11am - 5pm. The Town Hall is just a 5 minute walk from Leeds train station.

There will be 130 fantastic stalls offering a wide variety of vegan produce, including cakes and chocolate, hot takeaway food, make up, clothing, pet treats and vegan cheese. You will be able to enjoy free samples and discounts, all day children's activities, talks, live cookery demonstrations, live music, all day bars, debates and much more! There will also be the chance to find out more about any of the animal charities listed on our website and about both local and national animal welfare/vegan groups that you could be a part of.

Admission is just £3 (under 16's free) payable at the door and this includes entry into all presentations/demo's. 100% of any proceeds will go directly to animal welfare charities as the festival is fully volunteer ran. Stalls will be in several rooms and outdoors as well. Every visitor will receive a stall map to ensure that no stall can be missed.

Stalls will be spread across lots of different rooms: Outdoors The Crypt (Downstairs) Victoria Hall (Ground Floor) Sullivan Room (Ground Floor) Back Corridor (Ground Floor)

List of stallholders

We will have over 100 Vegan/Animal Welfare and Rights stalls.

Home Kitchen
Mex it up
Dough Ball Pizza
Alternative Stores
Green Sisters
Michael's Caribbean Storehouse
No Baloney
The Green Guerrilla
Pet Respect
Riverford Organic
Cats Protection
Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic
Cruse Bereavement Care
Brees Herbal Teas
Hemblade Acupuncture
Goodness Gracious
Aasfor Limited
That Old Chestnut
Secret Cake Club and SEEMA UK
The Vegan Food Pod
Wildcraft Bakery
Dark Matters Brownies
Green Olives
Forgot The Eggs
Sacred Lotus
The May Bakery
Super Cholo Foods

Cool Jerk Vegan
Abundance Foods
Tasty Vegan Bites
Vork Pies
Harper's Candles
Darn It! Workshops
Tastiness Wine Company
Gillie Foods
Besos de Oro
Lemon Tree Yoga
Living Beings
One Stop Eco Shop
Iuvo Skincare
Agharta Jewellery
Jade Green Vegan
Charlotte-aux-fraises knits
West Yorkshire Animal Protection
Silver Green Jewellery
Luna Tree Jewellery/Satsuma Pips
Leeds Vegans and Vegetarians
Freet Footwear Ltd
Romanian Woofers Need You
Information Inspiration
Wear Your Voice
The Creative Toucan
Captive Animals’ Protection Society
The Humane League UK
V Bar
Vegan Handknits (in support of Silver Fox Dog Rescue
Makeup Without Mallice
Ethical Pets
Rogue Gypsy
Primal Soaps

Adele Wills Yoga
Attic Teas
Naturally Smart Skincare
Loving Foods
The Green Guerrilla
The Vegan Cakery
Clemie's Vegan Cakes
Gemini Chocolate
Good Carma Foods
Bright Presence Nutrition Enrichment
Chilli Shop
Honesty Cosmetics
Vegan Beauty Cosmetics
The Pie Parlour & Bakery
Pure Epiphany
Leeds Bread Co-op
Leeds Beckett University Nutrition
League Against Cruel Sports
Choice Materials
The Veda Soul Company Limited
Ananda's Marshmallows
The Little Village Candle Company
Green Tea Artisan
Roots and Fruits Leeds / The happy caterpillar
Tyne Chease
Shores Of Africa
Fabrikk LLP
Barefoot Bitless and Whipless
Animals Asia
Celtic Spiritual Healing
Love Luna Life
Viva La Vegan

Talks & Events

Kramer Room (upstairs 1st floor)

Noon-12.50pm: YouTube Your Passion!
Martin Menehan, Media Operations Manager of MTV & face of vegan YouTube channel ‘Vegan Geezer’.
Is your passion for veganism too strong to contain? Do you find your voice for veganism isn’t being heard? With YouTube you can be! See how to carry the voice of veganism on this important platform. For all levels of experience. If you have a voice to share, what are you waiting for?

1pm-1.45pm: Dairy, Beef and Bullshit
Tony Wardle, Associate Director, Viva!; author of Diet of Disaster Eating meat and milk is a main cause of the 15 degenerative diseases that kill most of us. It also destroys the global environment. And yet politicians, media, royalty and gentry all encourage us to keep on consuming because they do nicely out of it.

2pm-2.50pm: SWINE! (18 minutes)
Screening of SWINE the movie, an exciting thriller-documentary; followed by a short talk by Justin Kerswell, Deputy Director, Viva! – Are We Sleepwalking into a Superbug pandemic?

3pm-3.45pm: 30 Day Vegan
Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva!
A fun, inspiring and informative talk about why and how go vegan. With free materials to help you on your way.

Grimshaw Room (upstairs 1st floor)

11.30am: Hatha yoga session
‘Lengthen and strengthen’ – to revitalise and energise in preparation for the day of shopping!

1.30pm: Yin yoga session
‘Rest and digest’ – to slow things down and restore after the shopping and all the lovely food which has been consumed

3.30 pm: Yoga Nidra
Complete relaxation to finish the day off

Waterman Room (upstairs 1st floor)

12pm: Kate E A Berridge Vegan for 41 Years: My True Story
How I moved from being Veggie to Vegan in 1975 and stayed strong over time. This talk includes ways to stay sane; using the love you feel and the power of your soul.

1pm: Barefoot, Bitless and Whipless Paperback By Jane Antcliff-Wilson
A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to the Fiona Oaks Animal Sanctuary This is the most controversial horse book ever written and explodes the myth that traditional methods of horse-keeping and how we train the domesticated horse are acceptable. Pendal Spring Song has been the guide, teacher and mentor on this incredible journey towards veganism between human and horse. This book views the horse from the perspective of sentient being and is based on experience and research. This book is the fore runner of a movement which is awakening all over the world, as the new breed of horse guardians are stirring up a revolution and kicking back against the cruelty and ignorance dominating the horse world. For the reader, even if your interest is not specific to horses, this book is an inspiration and encourages positive thinking and stimulates everyone to 'think outside the box' with compassion and equality especially how we share this world with other species but importantly, that it is never too late to fulfil your dreams, be brave and challenge the status quo. This is a pioneering book which is important for the future of the horse and all animals.

2pm: Activism, saves and YouTube by Rehana Jomeen
YouTube is an incredible platform for vegan activism, but how do you get started? Practical advice on equipment, content ideas, attracting subscribers, collaborations and dealing with anti-vegan comments and “trolls”.

3pm: Kate E A Berridge Poor Cow, Silly Cow, Sacred Cow
This talk explores human denial of the sacred Mother energy on the Earth and beyond. Cows are an example of how we disrespect female energy. Includes a loving vision for planetary change.

Spark Room (upstairs 1st floor)

12pm: A LIFE FOR THE ANIMALS by Fiona Oakes
How a small child’s dream of safe haven and security for all animals became the reality that now is Towerhill Stables Animals Sanctuary. A forever home to over 400 residents – both domestic and farmed animals – living side by side in the natural peace and harmony that all creatures deserve but so few are ever afforded.

1pm: 10 STEPS TO GOING VEGAN by The Vegan Approach
Are you thinking about going vegan? Have you tried being vegan before but come across some challenges? Are you a new vegan? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please join us at our workshop. During the workshops we outline our 10 simple steps to start you on your vegan journey including what to buy, where to eat, and how to deal with family and friends. We will also answer any questions you have about going vegan.

2pm: A CHANGE OF HEALTH by Billy Collins from Honest Edibles
Rethinking the fire and our connection with food" (a talk about evolving skills and understanding towards food and how evolution is driving empathic eating and veganism

Come and meet the Vegan Bodybuilding team and find out more about Vegan Bodybuilding!

4pm: DOES WHAT OTHERS CAN’T OR WON’T by Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd UK uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities commited against marine wildlife and habitats. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd UK works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Cookery demos & more

Victoria Hall Main Stage

11.30am: BILLY COLLINS from Honest Edibles
Conscious cooking by Honest Edibles (showing how to make easy vegan superfood meals and snacks)

12pm: YOGA FLASHMOB by Bikram Yoga Leeds
Yoga Flashmob Demonstration

12.30pm-1.15pm: A Very Merry Vegan Christmas! Savoury dinner and supper ideas
By Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator, Viva! author of the Viva! Cookbook
● Mediterranean Wild Mushroom Pie
● Red Wine & Porcini Mushroom Gravy plus quick cheatin’ alternative
● Individual Cashew Roasts with sundried tomatoes & fresh herbs
Plus show and tell about ready-made products and ingredients, how to make great roast potatoes, dessert ideas…

1.20pm: SAM TEALE
Playing the long game - fermented foods for a healthy body

2pm-2.45pm: Christmas Party Food
By Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator, Viva! author of the Viva! Cookbook
● Christmas Cake with optional icing
● Cheatin’ home-made luxury sausage rolls (ready made pastry + bought stuffing mix and a few tasty extras)
● Christmas Cauliflower ‘Couscous’ with pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs
● Vegan Pigs in Sundried Tomato Blankets
Plus show and tell about ready-made products and ingredients.

2.45pm - JOHNNY S
Poetry / Spoken Word

3pm-3.40pm: Eggstraordinary! Vegan Alternative to the classic breakfast
By Tony Wardle, Associate Director, Viva!
● Vegan Omelette with a choice of delicious fillings. Light, tasty and easy. And Tofu-tastic!
● There’s a Mousse in the Hoose! Vegan Chocolate Mousse using silken tofu – delicious!

Other events

Hoola Hooping – Outdoors

Face painting - Children’s Room



Our location will be
Leeds Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 3AD.


For information about booking a stall, giving a presentation/demonstration, sponsoring the event, volunteering on the day or for any other queries please email

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